Digital Transformation in Action: 6 Real-World Examples of Success

The technologies which they are making use of will surely amaze you for a second. Integrio Systems provides top-level real estate software development services and creates data-based solutions for those who want to increase their sales. We have teams of top-level professionals based in Canada, Poland, and Ukraine. E-commerce technology and improved delivery services create new business models for product sales and make it possible to sell products and services in more places around the world. Google is one of leading examples of digitalization in business, particularly in the tech sector.

Along with its own digital transformation, Honeywell uses data to help its customers. In 2016 Honeywell started its own internal digital transformation group. It introduced new technologies, including more IoT-connected and data-centric devices and offerings. As it reinvents industrial process control and offers more technology solutions for its customers, Honeywell also shows off its renewed focus on customer data and internal solutions.

Process Transformation

With a successful transformation, you can improve your company’s bottom line and make it more agile and responsive to change. It might be a new standalone online portal, a centralized system to manage human resources, or a complete re-configuration of a business. Huge digital vendor machines have been observed in the outlets of & other stories in Paris.

Digital transformation examples

Still, despite the abundance of data at our fingertips, many organizations continue using outdated and redundant practices, or worse, gut instincts, to make crucial business decisions. Another important thing here is to ensure your business strategy is flexible and adaptable. Consider them as guidelines that can be changed and adapted to over time as new opportunities arise. Look for people who are already familiar with the technology you plan to introduce. For example, if you‘re going to launch a mobile app, talk to someone who is constantly on the phone.

Digital Transformation Examples – Companies That Did It Right

Applications generally have to be altered to fit the usage patterns of mobile workers, and new security measures have to be implemented. Based on best practices of resolving issues, prescriptive analytics automates decision-making, when a number of specific conditions is confirmed. For example, international banks gather various data about credit card transactions and–with a high degree of confidence–can understand whether some transactions are fraudulent. Because of that, a decision to block a suspicious card is made in a fully automatic way, once identified specific circumstances trigger an algorithm.

Digital transformation examples

Backup plans and risk mediation solutions should be prepared in the case of project pitfalls and errors. Three years later Miller Coors terminated the project and filed a lawsuit against HCL Technologies and its U.S. arm for $100 million, claiming that HCL failed to meet the project deadline. “HCL was unable to adequately staff the project and maintain the project schedule,” said the lawsuit. The implementation of ERP solution, which included two types of SAP warehouse management software — Global Available-to-Promise and Extended ATP — was never completed. Here’s a digital transformation framework suggested by MIT Sloan experts for use today in the 2020s, the so-called post-COVID era.

Examples of digital transformation in healthcare

Nurture that bond, and magic happens when these historically separate groups work together. These stories recount that your operations might be steeped in complexities, but the right technology can help iron out all the creases. A holistic digital transformation platform powered by low code can give you quick wins and help you become future-ready. The core technology used by LEGO is .NET — a scalable programming framework valued for its suitability for building serverless applications. If you’re considering using this technology in your digital transformation, check our list of top .NET software development vendors. Wegmans, the supermarket chain with more than $10.8 billion annual revenue, is a perfect example of digital transformation.

Leading Multigenerational Teams Through Digital Transformation: Tips for Embracing Change – Newsweek

Leading Multigenerational Teams Through Digital Transformation: Tips for Embracing Change.

Posted: Wed, 17 May 2023 13:00:09 GMT [source]

This past holiday season, a major winter storm slammed the US on December 21st, causing major cancellations across airline companies. However, as every other airline company was able to get people to their destinations the next day, Southwest canceled 15,000+ flights on December 22nd, and continued to cancel over 2,500 flights a day over the next week. Let’s look at a recent example highlighting the critical nature of digital transformation – Southwest Airlines. Resource Library Explore intriguing customer success stories, videos, webinars and podcasts. Analyze, Build and Deliver experiences to application users and drive adoption with the Whatfix Digital Adoption Platform.

What is digital transformation in real estate?

In the strategizing phase of digital transformation, you can run frequent tests, define success, ask employees for feedback and choose the right technology for your business. As a part of this undertaking, the company shifted its business model from selling tires to a service guarantee performance. The Michelin Solutions team extensively leveraged AI in R&D to enable the digital supply chain, driven through digital manufacturing and predictive maintenance. For example, machine operators had connected bracelets to better assist each other during the manufacturing process. A commitment to digital transformation and the resources to back it up can turn lagging stocks into industry leaders.

Digital transformation examples

This trend challenges the main point of hesitation between cloud and on-premise alternatives. Cloud security has overcome this psychological barrier and finally has been acknowledged as the approach more secure than on-premise data storage in addition to its high efficiency, streamlined updates, and scalability. However, the shift from a single-process experience to an end-to-end mechanism can’t be achieved rapidly. Back in 2010, Esteban Kolsky, an enterprise advisor and the founder of ThinkJar, introduced the concept of Experience Continuum, which is built around a social business model. Of global companies achieve their targeted business outcomes from their digital transformation investment. At this point, it’s not about enterprises choosing to transform; it’s more about deciding how to transform.

Examples of Companies That Have Mastered Digital Innovation

These shelves keep on displaying the price, nutritional value or other benefits of the product to make people purchase without any doubt. Box Sign also helps you manage signatures in the Content Cloud, providing digital transformation and process automation assistance as you retain executed agreements, write agreements, and obtain signatures. Find out more about what digital transformation is, why it matters, and how you can properly implement it at your company.

  • Other than this, the company also underwent an organizational transformation, investing in building an employee-focused work culture, benefits and employer branding.
  • But outdated processes, dependence on multiple systems, and scattered information sources served as a hindrance and made it difficult for the organization to handle its large volume of invoices.
  • This helped its design team to work faster and more efficiently, positively affecting their speed of response to market needs.
  • Digital transformation helps companies stay competitive in an ever-changing market landscape by providing more efficient solutions for their customers’ needs.
  • The most complicated algorithms act as black boxes and we can’t always be sure why they draw one prediction or another.

Businesses need to have a self-serve hierarchy in place that uses FAQs, articles, and chatbots to convey the exact content that would assist the right solutions to the customer query. The launch of the new portal has led to a decrease in the number of support calls and an increase in satisfaction scores, due to enhanced usability and efficiency. The digital age has brought so much more flexibility when it comes to finding the right medium for serving customers in different ways. The company introduced an innovative showroom concept under the name Audi City. It gets users acquainted with the entire catalog of the brand’s car models in micro-showrooms in city centers, where traditional showrooms with many exhibited cars could not exist.

examples of enterprises that underwent successful digital transformation

Unlike other popular products, this real estate application comes with a range of AI lead-generation tools. It analyzes information about web searches, clicks, and browsing activity. As a result, real estate agents get all they need to plan their resources, promote their listings, and close deals quickly. The global real estate crowdfunding market reached $10.78 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase to $250.6 billion by 2030. Real estate crowdfunding enables small companies and investors to access a wider market using limited funds.

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